Movie star Hilary Swank is so surprised by her Hollywood success she expects her "surreal" lifestyle to be taken away from her at any moment. The Oscar winner still finds it sobering when socialising with famous actors, reports website Swank says, "I never went in this business for the acclaim of it, or the dressing up part of it. I love people and stories, so all that is a side-effect that happened and still blows my mind. "Seriously, I walk by, and I see them, and I think I am in the wrong house. I go to these shows and I keep thinking, 'Who is going to come and pull me out,' because I don't know if I belong here, because it feels like me. It is just Hilary from this little town. I am like, 'How did this happen?' "Seriously, because all these people you look at around you inspire you. You watch your whole life in movies - to be nominated with Meryl Streep? I've watched Meryl Streep my whole life. It just feels very surreal - I guess that is the best way to put it."