OSCAR-nominee Hilary Swank is fighting to save her marriage to actor CHAD LOWE - who is allegedly struggling to cope with her phenomenal success.

Lowe, who has been married to the MILLION DOLLAR BABY star since 1997, has started seeing a top Hollywood psychologist to help him come to terms with his spouse's glittering movie career.

Swank, 30, is hoping to pick up her second Best Actress ACADEMY AWARD tonight (27FEB05) for her role as a boxer in the CLINT EASTWOOD-directed drama.

A source tells British newspaper the NEWS OF THE WORLD, "He hopes if he boosts his self-confidence it will help strengthen his marriage.

"Chad even booked a session with Beverly Hills shrink DOCTOR NORMAN FREED at 7am this morning.

"He hopes it will help him get through the night when again he will be playing second fiddle to his far more successful wife.

"Chad feels emasculated by the fact that it's Hilary who is making all the money while his career is going nowhere."

27/02/2005 14:36