OSCAR winning actress Hilary Swank always travels on the New York subway, because she deems mixing with ordinary members of the public a vital aspect of her job.

The film star and Manhattan resident - who's been nominated for another ACADEMY AWARD (05) for her turn as a boxer in Clint Eastwood's MILLION DOLLAR BABY - uses her time travelling on underground trains to study other people's habits and mannerisms, an act that helps her to accurately portray her film characters.

She tells CBS show 60 MINUTES, "My job is about playing people. And I think once you lose touch with people, what do you play?

"So I'm (on the subway) and it's the best people-watching in the world. You know? for instance - someone takes their glasses on and off while they read their paper.

"Or how someone who's really tired and you can see is working really long hours, how they hold themselves when they're exhausted."

31/01/2005 02:33