LATEST: OSCAR-winner Hilary Swank has slammed reports her marriage to actor Chad Lowe is in trouble because he's struggling to cope with her phenomenal success.

The MILLION DOLLAR BABY star was horrified by rumours Lowe was seeing a top Hollywood psychologist, to help him come to terms with her glittering film career and save their 12-year relationship.

And she denies Lowe is jealous of her career, insisting that as a fellow-actor, he understands and supports her movie career.

She says, "Being married to an actor helps because he understands the ups and downs, and what they mean. It's not like Chad is going to get my roles.

"If you're not comfortable with someone's success, you shouldn't be with them.

"We've been happy for 12 years but wouldn't want people to look at our relationship and think it's easy, because it's not."

17/03/2005 03:03