Oscar-winning actress Hilary Swank has no regrets about taking less-than-stellar bit parts after moving to Hollywood in the 1990s, because they taught her everything she knows. The 32-year-old eagerly accepted every role that came her way, including a brief part on TV show Beverly Hills, 90210. She tells Moviehole.net, "I never knocked a job and I took any job I could get, especially in the beginning and was never a snob about it - I still aren't. "But you look at a lot of people's careers - everyone kind of did that. You take a job where you can for a couple of reasons. One, you need to live, and you don't want to just be a waiter, but you want to make some money, but more importantly, I never knocked an opportunity to learn, and there was so much to learn. "Every bad movie of the week, every bad TV show, anything that I did, was preparing me for, hopefully, an opportunity that I was going to have. You know that great saying - the definition of luck is when preparation meets with opportunity."