OSCAR winner Hilary Swank and her husband Chad Lowe are set to turn their favourite parlour game into a new TV series after selling their idea for a celebrity charades show to US cable network AMC.

CELEBRITY CHARADES will feature the couple and other fans of the silent-clue game like Philip Seymour Hoffman, Rosie Perez and movie maker PETER BOGDANOVICH.

According to trade magazine HOLLYWOOD REPORTER, 10 celebrities will compete against each other in a game of movie-themed charades, with each star playing to raise money for his or her chosen charity.

Each episode of the show will also feature the celebrities having dinner and mingling between rounds to allow viewers to get to know them on a more personal level.

Six 30-minute episodes are set to air on five consecutive nights beginning on 20 June (05).

Lowe, who will co-host the show with GOSFORD PARK star Bob Balaban, is executive producing the series with Swank.

He says, "Hilary and Bob and I have played (charades) on our own with friends, and we always end up having a bonding experience and learning something about the people who play."

12/04/2005 21:19