Hilary Swank did not believe her new movie 'Conviction' was based on a true story.

The 40-year-old actress loves the story of her character Betty Anne Waters - a single mother who despite never finishing high school, puts herself through law school whilst working as a waitress to prove her brother Kenneth had not committed the murder he has been jailed for - but struggled to believe it actually happened.

Hilary told the Daily Mail: "There's a part of you that has to be like, 'This could never happen'. And then you realise that it is happening."

The film has attracted controversy in recent weeks, with the grown-up children of Kathorina Brow - who Kenneth was accused of killing - criticising the filmmakers for showing a lack of "respect" to the family during production.

Melrose and Charlie Brow's lawyer Gloria Allred said: "We believe that a proper respect for the murder victim's family should have been shown.

"That could have been demonstrated by the film's representatives contacting the family to learn how they felt about the making of a film which would remind them of the terrible pain and suffering that they endured because of the loss of their mother."