OSCAR winning actress Hilary Swank is set to be the face of a new sexy underwear range by Calvin Klein.

The BOY'S DON'T CRY actress will follow in the footsteps of Hollywood hunk Woody Harrelson, rapper-turned-actor Mark Wahlberg and football star FREDRIK LJUNGBERG in the long list of superstars who have modeled for the company.

Hilary will feature in the SENSUAL SUPPORT "intimate apparel collection".

KIM VERNON, senior vice president of global advertising and communications for Calvin Klein, says, "Hilary is the perfect choice for this campaign.

"She looks absolutely beautiful and easily conveys the sensuality that we want."

"I also think that she is not the expected choice for a women's underwear campaign and these pictures will present her in a way that she has not been seen in her professional work so far."

The new collection will not be in stores until July (04).

26/03/2004 17:38