Hilary Swank admits she is in no rush to get married again, or to start a family. The 36-year-old OSCAR winning actress says although the relationship with her boyfriend JOHN CAMPISI is now in its fourth year, she has no immediate plans to tie the knot. Swank told American based InStyle magazine, "I believe in the sanctity of marriage. John and I, you know, we were both in long marriages and it's not something that we need to rush back into".
The actress was previously married to actor Chad Lowe, whom she met on the set of a movie they were starring in - Quiet Days in Hollywood. The couple rose to prominence in 2000, when Swank infamously forgot to thank her husband during her acceptance speech for her first OSCAR. However, the couple split in 2006, and were divorced soon after. Despite this, Swank refuses to regard the marriage as a low point, stating, "A lot of people look at divorce as a failure. I really look at my relationship with Chad as 14 years of success. I will carry him in my heart forever. He's a part of me."
Swank's lead performances in 1999's Boys Don't Cry and the Clint Eastwood directed Million Dollar Baby saw her win Best Actress Oscars, and she's due to star in the upcoming drama Conviction, set for release on October 1