Hilary Swank believes being sacked from 'Beverly Hills 90210' boosted her career.

The 'Million Dollar Baby' actress - who won a Best Actress Oscar for 'Boys Don't Cry' and 'Million Dollar Baby' - thinks a lot of her success came from the opportunities which arose in the months after she was axed from the US teen drama series. She said: "Being fired from 'Beverly Hills 90210' was most definitely a milestone because two months later I got 'Boys Don't Cry', but at the time I was devastated because I thought, 'Wow, I'm not even a good enough actress to be in '90210', the eighth season, when it wasn't even a hit anymore!' "

Hilary, 35, also thinks her success has a lot to do with "fate".

She said: "I'm definitely spiritual. I wasn't baptised or christened or anything. I didn't grow up going to church but I definitely believe in a higher power. And I do believe in fate. What happened with '90210' is a great example of fate and destiny. Just trusting that when something happens, it might not feel great, but knowing the future has something else in store for you. I also believe you change your fate by choices you make everyday. A lot of people maybe feel they're destined to do something or be something, but you can't sit back and wait for that to happen. I believe you play an active role in your fate."