Outspoken pop star Hilary Duff has joined the list of celebrity BRITNEY SPEARS haters, which ironically links her to her arch-foe Avril Lavigne.

The singer, who fell out with Lavigne after criticising the way the Canadian treats her fans, has Britney in her sights as part of a subtle attack on pop stars who reveal too much.

She says, "Some people get so scared about the fact their fan base is young, so they're gonna do something like wear a really low-cut shirt, or go and party so everybody will talk about it.

"It's very immature, I think. If they don't care, and that's how they live their lives, fine, but I don't really make a conscious choice that I have to be like them.

"I want these kids to look up to me. I don't dress too revealing, that's just not me. That's really not the person that I am inside and that's not what I'm interested in."

And despite insisting she's a big fan of Lavigne's new album, Duff can't resist having a sly dig at the Canadian: "I have a thick skin and I'm a pretty strong person, and I've had to deal with a lot of stuff. You can't let that stuff get to you.

"Usually people make comments about people that they don't like instead of keeping it to themselves because they're insecure and it makes them feel better."

Lavigne fired back at Duff after hearing her comments about her, prompting Duff to initially apologise.

04/07/2004 20:55