Hilary Duff is having an "easy" pregnancy.

The 24-year-old singer-and-actress - who is expecting her first child with husband MIKE COMRIE - didn't experience any morning sickness and is finding the whole process simple.

Speaking on talk show 'Chelsea Lately', Hilary - who is expecting a boy - said: "Everything's been really easy. Didn't get sick."

And gesturing to her increased chest size, she added: "These are new. These are, like, new and different, so that can be a good and bad thing, but other than that, seriously, it's pretty easy!"

But Hilary's wedding day to NHL ice Hockey player Mike - which took place in August 2010 - was not quite as straightforward as her pregnancy, and she recently revealed the pastor at her "crazy" nuptials pulled out a fake machine gun and pretended to shoot at photographers who had gathered to take their picture.

The blonde beauty - who had to have emergency dental treatment on the morning of her wedding after she lost a tooth biting into a bagel - recalled: "Disaster is a small word compared to how crazy it was!

"My pastor Steps out from underneath the flowered arbor thing and holds up a fake Uzi or a big machine gun - and starts blasting at the paparazzi in front of all of our guests.

"My husband was like, 'Buddy, what are you doing?!' "