Hilary Duff is looking for a new TV show.

The singer-and-actress - who shot to fame on Disney series 'Lizzie McGuire' before going on to star in several hit films, including 'Cheaper by the Dozen' and 'A Cinderella Story' - is looking for a new permanent project after making a number of guest appearances in shows including 'Gossip Girl' and 'Law And Order: SVU'.

She said: "I did 'Gossip Girl' last year, so I think getting that little taste of TV again made me miss it in a way.

"I would definitely do TV again if the right project came along. It's really challenging. I love TV but, in general, it's hard to find great projects."

Hilary - who married ice Hockey player MIKE COMRIE in August - is also planning on releasing a new album, her first effort since 2007's 'Dignity'.

The 23-year-old star insists there are many similarities between acting and singing.

She said: "It's all about telling a story and leaving yourself behind and imagining your character and how they would feel and react. It's fun to leave your world behind and be somebody else."