Hilary Duff is looking ahead to giving birth after releasing her second novel.

The 24-year-old beauty - who is expecting her first child with husband MIKE COMRIE - has been busy releasing her second book 'Devoted', but she has still found time to have mixed emotions throughout her pregnancy.

She said: "Being pregnant every day is a little bit different. Sometimes you're feeling great and sometimes you just like could cry at the drop of a hat. I handle it as best as I can I think."

The 'Lizzie McGuire' actress - who is a best-selling novelist after the success of her 'Elixir' trilogy - admitted she has felt "overwhelmed" by all the praise her writing has received.

She added: "To put a book out was huge. To hear people be like, 'I didn't want to give you much credit but I love this book.' It's an overwhelming feeling of gratefulness and relief."

Hilary - who married Hockey player Mike in 2010 - thinks her life has gone "very fast", especially when she sees fans on twitter posting that her pregnancy makes them feel old.

She explained: "The truth is that I'm very young and things in my life have happened very fast. I guess, why stop now?"