Hilary Duff thinks she was too young when she got married.

The 29-year-old actress married 36-year-old retired hockey player MIKE COMRIE - with whom she shares four-year-old son Luca - when she was just 22, and whilst she ''wouldn't change'' her position, she doesn't believe she was ''mature enough'' to deal with marriage at such a young age.

Appearing on US talk show 'The Talk' on Friday (16.12.16), the 'Younger' actress explained: ''I was 22 when I got married. I'm now divorced, I have a 4-year-old - I wouldn't change any of it for the world.

''I had so much, so young and a full time job. I felt really ready to get married. However, I don't think we were mature enough to stick it out.''

The former 'Lizzie McGuire' star - who has reportedly split from her personal trainer beau Jason Walsh - previously claimed she doesn't ''feel the need'' to get married for a second time.

She said: ''I don't feel the need to get married again. As much as I was ready and excited, you're like, 'Oh, next step. We get married.' That is the traditional person that I'm talking about that's inside of me or however I was raised.

''I don't feel the need. I got to have the experience and it was awesome. I guess if it mattered to someone else that much, I would consider it.''

Meanwhile, the blonde beauty said she came under ''so much scrutiny'' when she gave birth to her first child at 24 years old and was made to feel ''useless'' for falling pregnant at an early age.

She said: ''I feel like I was judged for having a baby too soon, and getting married too soon and now, I'm pigeonholed for being a 'mom'.

''Lots of women in the industry that don't have a child yet are judged.

''We are the most in demand and the most desirable, but the most judged and the hardest on one another. It's so much scrutiny.''