Hilary Duff ''laughs off'' her parenting critics.

The 'Younger' star - who has six-year-old son Luca from her marriage to MIKE COMRIE and is expecting a baby with her partner Matthew Koma - is fed up of constantly coming under fire from others for the way she parents her son.

She said: ''I've seen stuff on the internet a couple years back when we were at Disneyland and I posted a picture of Luca and I kissing on the lips. People were like, 'That's disgusting.' First of all, he was 3. Kiss your kids, and anyone who doesn't like it can hit unfollow. Not interested in what you have to say. People can be like, 'Oh you're holding that child? He's 6.' Yeah I swing him over my head, when his legs are tired I hold him - it's a little hard right now - but yeah, I give piggyback rides. People just have all these crazy judgments, and I think it's best to not listen and laugh it off.''

And the 30-year-old actress and singer thinks Luca will be a ''great big brother'' to the new baby when she arrives into the world.

Hilary told InStyle magazine: ''I was also shooting in New York at the time, so I waited a little bit to tell him until I could be home with him. But I think he's going to be a great big brother. He's such a sweet kid and has such a gentle soul, so I know he's going to be great with her. Sometimes he's still paranoid, thinking she's going to drool on his toys.

''But here's the thing, by the time she is able to crawl around your playroom, [he's] not going to be interested in the stuff. I was trying to put it into perspective for him. But he's sweet, he'll rub my belly now and say hi and bye, or good morning to her. Other times he's humorous about it. Like he told his friend at school that he's having a half sister, half red butt monkey. Cool, OK. He thinks it's really funny, so I let him have it.''