Hilary Duff is set to throw a 'Ghostbusters' themed party for her son's birthday.

The 'Younger' star has revealed she is planning a ''backyard party'' for her only child Luca - who she has with her former partner Mike Comrie - when he turns five on March 20, which will see entertainers dressed as characters in the science fiction film.

Speaking about the event to E! News, the blonde beauty said: ''We're doing a backyard party, which I haven't done since he was two.

''I think the Ghostbusters are showing up. It's going to be like a whole thing.''

The 29-year-old star has admitted there will be an almighty feast at the do, which will see the 36-year-old ice hockey player take charge of cooking the hot dogs on the grill.

Speaking about the food her, her child and the guests will indulge in on the special day in 10 days time, she said: ''We're doing hot dogs because Slimer eats hot dogs. His dad [Mike Comrie] is going to be on hot dog grilling duty. We're also going to have pizza and veggie and fruit trays.''

However, the 'A Cinderella Story' star has hinted organising the party has been stressful and a lot of work, although she is ''really excited'' to celebrate with her brood.

She said: ''It's always so much work, but I'm really excited about it.''

And the American star has admitted she will go above and beyond to prioritise her son and put his ''happiness'' above everything.

She said: ''Thinking about his well-being and his happiness and his safety and everything in between. When you are a mom, that is so natural to you.''

Hilary has revealed she is contemplating wearing a ''vintage'' 'Ghostbusters' t-shirt or the entire costume worn in the popular movie, which has recently been re-made with an all-female cast including Kristen Wiig and Melissa McCarthy, including ''the whole pack'' of technical ghost-catching equipment if she needs a ''back-up'' outfit, because she has previously worn the attire for Halloween.

She said: ''[I wore] the whole pack and all of it.

''I might try to find a vintage 'Ghostbusters' tee. I should have a backup if he's not accepting that.''