Hilary Duff wants children but is hoping to make a new album first.

The 'Cinderella Story' actress - who will celebrate her first wedding anniversary with husband MIKE COMRIE on August 14 - can't wait to start a family with her professional Hockey player spouse but says she wants to resurrect her recording career first.

Hilary, 23, explained to Access Hollywood: "We talk about [having kids]. Yes, we're excited to do that, but I think I want to work a little more. I'm tossing around the idea of making another record. We want it, and we're excited for it but think it can wait a while longer. He is supportive of me. We both are excited to do that, but he knows I'm still young."

While Mike,30, currently plays for the Pittsburgh Penguins and Hilary is based in Los Angeles for work, the couple are forced to endure a long distance relationship but Hilary says they know how to make it work.

She added: "We started off in a long distance relationship. You make it work. We're used to being busy. We prefer to be together, but this is how we have to do it."