The So Yesterday singer briefly signed up for the popular cyber romance hub last year (15) to find love after splitting from her husband MIKE COMRIE, but soon realised it wasn't for her.

"I'm no longer on Tinder...," she told U.S. talk show host Ellen Degeneres. "It was kind of like a fun experimental thing... I wanted to be part of it and all my friends were on it. I was like, 'I can do this. I can be normal'. I really can't, but it was fun and I ended up getting some footage for one of my videos."

"I met two people...," Hilary adds. "I was kind of being a little sneak about it and I was shooting some stuff for my video."

One of the guys ended up playing a big part in the video, but Hilary has no plans to start a romance with him: "I haven't talked to him in a while... since the video and everything."