The 28-year-old actress-and-singer shot to fame in her youth after landing the lead role on hit Disney Channel TV series Lizzie MCGuire, and her four-year-old son Luca is showing all the signs of following in his mother's footsteps - something she is not too happy about.

"That terrifies me," she confesses to People magazine.

Little Luca Cruz is already coming up with his own stories and his worried mum is convinced he has showbusiness potential.

However, despite her reservations about her son eventually establishing a career in Hollywood, Hilary is supporting her son's talents in whatever way she can.

“He is really creative with his play and the stories that he’ll come up with,” she shares. “I do it a lot with him, so I think it’s helped him learn how to do it, but sometimes the things he comes up with are really creative.

“His storylines - like if he’s being Leo, the blue Ninja Turtle, and Shredder, he’ll be like, ‘No, you can’t eat that pizza right now because the bad guys are coming', and then he’s like, 'OK, I’ll get my nunchucks, be right back...'

Although Luca is clearly talented when it comes to creating stories, it also seems he might become a director in the future, because he has a penchant for making visual statements when playing around on social media apps.

“He’s loving Snapchat,” Hilary notes. “He just likes the filters, he likes to play around with them.”

Hilary shares Luca with her ex-husband MIKE COMRIE, a professional hockey player who retired from the sport in 2012 after undergoing multiple hip surgeries - and the kid is also showing signs of becoming a formidable athlete just like his dad.

“He got a little award the other day for soccer,” the proud mum gushes. “It was so cute. All the kids got awards, but he finished his round of soccer, and he’s loving that.”