Hilary Duff has always believed she would be successful.

The singer-and-actress admits there are many similarities between herself and Lane, the journalist character she plays in new TV movie 'Beauty and the Briefcase', in particular their drive to reach their goals.

She explained: "I think the character's really relatable and that was something that was very endearing when you're reading The Script. She's kind of a girl that goes after what she wants and I think that I can relate to that.

"You know, I've done so much in my life and feel really lucky but wouldn't have been able to have done all of this without being pretty driven and setting goals for myself and believing that it was possible. So, she's definitely like that and she's not afraid to put herself out there and look stupid as long as she tries and I liked that quality in her."

However, Hilary - who is engaged to sportsman Mike Comrie - admitted she is not as open as Lane, but thinks playing the character will help motivate her to change her attitude.

She explained: "Lane wears her heart on her sleeve and I think I don't so much do that, it takes me a little while to open up but I thought that was a good quality to motivate me to be more like that with certain parts of my life.