Hilary Duff got back in shape by boxing.

The 25-year-old actress-and-singer gave birth to her first child Luca nine months ago and has gotten back to her pre-pregnancy weight through a combination of exercises but boxing has proven to be the most successful in shifting the pounds.

Her trainer Gabe Johns said: ''Her main love is boxing. We skip rope and run boxing intervals with one minute of rest between. It's important to find an activity you love so that you look forward to the workout.

''Hilary comes ready to train with a smile on her face because she loves the challenge of something new.

''She was really looking for a workout that was challenging and to be pushed to the limits of what she could do physically.''

Diet is also important to Hilary - who is married to retired ice hockey player MIKE COMRIE - and she eats a menu heavy in kale and lean meat and fish to maintain he fabulous figure.

Gabe added to the new US issue of OK! magazine: ''Hilary has been very conscious of maintaining a nutrient rich, healthy diet. She eats leafy greens such as kale or spinach along with lean proteins such as salmon or chicken.''