Hilary Duff thinks being divorced ''sucks''.

The 'Younger' star split from ex-husband MIKE COMRIE - with whom she shares four-year-old son Luca - last year and admits it was tough at first.

She said: ''Some of my friends tell me, 'God, it must be so nice, you get a break from your kid because you share him.' I'm divorced, and it sucks.

''Well, it did suck for a while; now it's just normal. But it's true, I do get a break. I had Luca by myself for a few weeks, no help, when Mike was on the road, and when he got home I was like, 'He's yours! Bye!'''

And the 29-year-old actress and singer isn't too enamoured by the Los Angeles dating scene.

She added: ''I never think being single sucks until I go out in Los Angeles with my girlfriends and the options are terrible. I really attract the old men!''

And Hilary admits she can feel guilty about leaving her son behind when she is working.

She added: ''I always feel torn or guilty about something. I'm not working right now, and at first I stressed about that, like, 'Oh, I shouldn't stay still this long.' And that's ridiculous.

''I have a child; it's totally fine to not be slammed all the time. It feels really good to not be on someone else's schedule - besides Luca's. I'm basically his chauffeur!''

The blonde beauty hasn't ruled out having any more children in the future.

She told the new issue of Redbook magazine: ''I've gotten over the fact that I'm not going to have a baby that's close in age with Luca. It sucked when everyone would be like, 'When are you having another?' I'd be like, 'Do you know what's happening right now? I'm not having another.'

''You get engaged, 'When's the wedding?' You get married, 'When's the baby?' You have a baby, 'When's the next one?' ... I'm cherishing the now. Besides, watch: I'll probably get some evil spawn of Hilary the next time around.''