Teen singer Hilary Duff's mother was so infuriated when she thought a man was stalking her famous daughter, she pursued him in a late-night car chase through Los Angeles.

The chase took place just days after someone tried to break into the family home through a basement window, increasing Susan Duff's instincts to keep her offspring safe.

She says, "Enough is enough. There has been repeated incidents, and I wanted them to stop."

One day, a man Susan believed to be her daughter's stalker had been sitting in a parked car outside the Duff home in Toluca Lake for several hours early on 5 August (03) when Hilary's 18-year old sister HAYLIE spotted the car.

With 15-year-old Hilary, ex-girlfriend of pop star Aaron Carter, and Haylie in tow, Susan stormed out of the house to confront the man. When he took off, she got into her car with her two children and chased him through Toluca Lake for 50 minutes.

The man finally stopped at his own home and called the police. He eventually explained his actions to the lawmen.

Susan notes, "He said he had been at our house because of his 16-year-old daughter. But his daughter wasn't with him."

Los Angeles police say the man was investigated and cleared of any wrongdoing.

22/08/2003 08:50