Actress Hilary Duff left the WALT DISNEY COMPANY because, according to her mother, they "weren't feeling the love".

Disney and the 15-year-old actress announced they were "going their separate ways" last month (MAY03), following failed talks over the direction of Duff's career, according to a spokeswoman for the entertainment corporation.

But Hilary's mother SUSAN DUFF says, "They weren't giving Hilary the respect she deserved."

The actress has starred in the hugely popular DISNEY CHANNEL sitcom LIZZIE McGUIRE since 2001 and the spin-off film, THE LIZZIE McGUIRE MOVIE has grossed about $40 million (GBP26million)since it opened on 2 May (03).

But negotiations broke down last month (MAY03) between Disney and Duff's representatives over how much money she would receive for a Lizzie McGuire Movie sequel and a new series that would follow her character to high school.

Duff reportedly had received offers of six figures per episode from at least two competing TV networks, while ABC reportedly offered $35,000 (GBP23,000) an episode.

As for the movie sequel, the two sides couldn't agree on terms of a $500,000 (GBP330,000) bonus for the young star.

08/06/2003 20:54