The war between teen stars Hilary Duff and Lindsay Lohan has been explained - it's all down to Duff's mother being overprotective.

Earlier this month (14DEC03), a furious Duff and her mother SUSAN attempted to have FREAKY FRIDAY star Lohan ejected from the premiere of her new film Cheaper by the Dozen, with 20TH CENTURY FOX executives eventually begging Lohan to stay.

And the reason for Susan's ire has been revealed - a few weeks earlier, Duff's black RANGE ROVER had been pelted with eggs outside her Hollywood Hills home, and, an insider says, "people told Susan that Lindsay did it."

The source adds, "Susan is very protective of Hilary and didn't want Lindsay anywhere near her."

But Lohan's spokeswoman LESLIE SLOANE-ZELNIK says, "Lindsay wasn't even in town when that happened. She has been in Canada shooting her starring role in LORNE MICHAELS' MEAN GIRLS."

The girls have been rivals for years - they competed for similar roles when they were with Disney, and both have dated teen heart-throb Aaron Carter.

24/12/2003 09:48