Singer/actress Hilary Duff was terrified when a crazed fan hung from her stage lighting and threatened to jump if he couldn't meet her.

Duff, who was performing to 35,000 fans at a show in South America, is still traumatised by the incident, which was only resolved when a brave security guard scrambled up the scaffolding to grab the offender.

She says, "In every town there are weirdos.

"I was in Venezuela doing a show for 35,000 people and they didn't hire enough security and some crazy fan was hanging from my lighting in the arena.

"He was waving this huge flag screaming: 'I just want to meet Hilary, if you touch me I'm going to jump!'

"My security guard climbed up there so fast and the fan actually scratched and drew blood from him!

"That was terrifying."