Hilary Duff has been forced to reveal her new song is about the pain of her parents' split - because she's sick of reports suggesting it details her own break-up with rocker Joel Madden. Fans and gossips jumped to react when they first heard the pained lyrics to new tune Stranger, in which Duff sings, "If you can only see it like I do/Then they would see a stranger too/Did I ever do anything that was this cruel to you?" But the singer insists she isn't targeting her ex in the song but revealing details about a painful past year. She says, "I made it seem like this was a relationship that I was in, but it's actually about my parents and about their relationship. "I didn't want people to know that." Duff's parents separated in 2006, and she admits putting her thoughts and feelings into a song was therapeutic as she continues to deal with the collapse of her parents' marriage: "It was like therapy... Just a total release of all the things you hold inside."