Hilary Duff fears her hard-earned fortune could run out because she is spending outrageous amounts of cash on clothing - for her dog.

The 17-year-old SO YESTERDAY singer admits she's been spoiling her pet Chihuahua LOLA so much with mini fashion items it's become something of an "obsession" for her.

She says, "I've gone dog nutty. I probably spend $150 on a dress. I just bought a pink one in tutu material with floating Hello Kittys inside.

"She's spoiled. She has a hot-pink (carrying) pouch and a cheetah-print one. But once you wash them a couple of times, they're not as soft. She won't even get in. She's like, 'Uh-uh.'

"My obsession is pretty bad, and these (dog clothes) are not cheap."

22/07/2005 09:30