Singer Hilary Duff has branded teen rival Lindsay Lohan "mean" after their love-triangle with pop heart-throb Aaron Carter.

The blonde beauties began battling when 17-year-old FREAKY FRIDAY star Lohan discovered that her then-boyfriend Carter, 16, had cheated on her with Duff, 16.

But SO YESTERDAY singer Duff insists she did nothing wrong, explaining, "I didn't mean any harm if I dated him at the same time. I think he cheated on me, and I think he cheated on her... I love him to death as a friend, (but) he made it look (to me) like they had broken up."

Duff also slams reports she had Lohan thrown out of the Hollywood premiere of her hit comedy Cheaper by the Dozen last month (DEC03), insisting, "I couldn't even tell you what she looked like at the premiere. I think I've met her maybe twice.

"It's like every single time I see her, she starts talking bad about me. She's so mean to me. It's sad."

08/01/2004 09:34