Teenage pop singer Hillary Duff allowed her bitter feud with actress Lindsay Lohan to flare up dramatically at the Los Angeles premiere of her new movie Cheaper by the Dozen on Sunday night (14DEC03).

The I CAN'T WAIT singer, 17 - encouraged by her furious mother SUSAN - attempted to have Lohan thrown out of the glitzy bash, first by her huge minder Troy and then by film executives from 20TH CENTURY FOX.

One onlooker says, "They walked up to the people at Fox and started screaming, 'We are not happy! We want Lindsay to leave! Get her out!' "

According to New York gossip site PAGE SIX, the bosses were furious with Duff for her outburst and shot back, "'Lindsay was invited. If you are not happy, you can leave,' before turning to Lohan and saying, 'Lindsay, please stay.' "

Lohan - who had been left shaken and upset by the incident - had planned to go quietly but was encouraged to front it out by her infuriated PR people.

The feud between the pair was ignited by Duff's relationship with Lohan's ex-love AARON CARTER - who allegedly left the Freaky Friday actress for his current belle. Duff deliberately upset Lohan by arriving at the premiere of the JAMIE LEE CURTIS-starring movie with Carter.

However, Duff's representatives were quick to quash the reports, saying, "I did see Lindsay at the party but their paths never crossed. She had to leave early because she had an early flight to Boston the next day for a concert. And there were several months between when Lindsay dated Aaron and when Hilary dated him."

18/12/2003 01:58