The WALT DISNEY COMPANY and actress Hilary Duff have parted company.

Disney and the 15-year-old actress were "going their separate ways" following failed talks over the direction of Duff's career, says a

spokeswoman for the entertainment corporation.

The talks broke down on 9 May (03) and ruled out a sequel to THE LIZZIE MAGUIRE MOVIE, which originally starred Duff.

The spokeswoman says, "We gave them a very generous offer and unfortunately they passed. Hilary is a great girl and we truly wish her the best of luck."

A DISNEY CHANNEL spokesman says there are no plans to produce new episodes of the LIZZIE McGUIRE TV show, but adds that the cable network plans to continue broadcasting the programme.

Lizzie McGuire has been among the Disney Channel's most successful programs since its January 2001 debut, and consistently ranks as one of the most-watched children's programs on cable television, Disney Channel's spokesman said.

The TV show's movie spin-off went into wide release on 2 May (03) and has garnered more than $34 million (GBP22.6 million) in box-office receipts.

26/05/2003 09:28