Hilaria Thomas can't wait to speak Spanish to her baby daughter.

The 28-year-old yoga teacher - who was born on the Spanish island of Mallorca - is expecting her first child with husband Alec Baldwin and although she plans to speak her native language to the baby at home, she admitted it could be difficult for Alec who only speaks English.

She told Us Weekly: ''We're having a girl and we definitely want her to speak Spanish. I was on the phone with my nephew, who's seven. He called me ...and he asked me, 'Is she going to speak Spanish?' and I said, 'Yes, but you have to help because she's going to grow up here probably so you have to help speak to her in Spanish.'

''It's a little tricky because my husband doesn't speak Spanish, so that'll be a little tricky in the house. But maybe we will have our own conversation and he'll have to learn. We can talk behind his back. I cannot wait!''

Hilaria also joked she feels sorry for Alec, 54, as he will be the only male in their home.

She explained: ''I turned to Alec when the ultrasound was done and was like, 'I get to buy pink things now!' We have two girl dogs and me and now we have the baby girl, so he's just going to be surrounded by girls. And he has his daughter Ireland as well.''