Hilaria Baldwin wants another baby.

The 33-year-old star has admitted she is ''totally'' keen to expand her brood with her husband Alec Baldwin - who have Carmen, four, Rafael, two, and 13-month-old Leonardo together - because she is always broody ''right after'' she gives birth.

Speaking to 'Access Hollywood' about her future family plans with the 'Beetlejuice' actor - who also has 21-year-old daughter Ireland from his previous relationship with Kim Basinger - she said: ''Yes! I would totally do one more. For some reason right after I deliver a baby I want another one.''

And though the fitness guru has likened pregnancy to going down a ''crazy slide'', she enjoys it and finds the experience ''so invigorating''.

She continued: ''It's kind of I feel like it's like going down this, like, crazy slide, and then you're, like, 'I want to go again.' Because it's just so invigorating and I had great experiences.''

Although Hilaria is considering having a baby ''one more time'', she is fearful she could have twins.

She said: ''It's definitely something we would consider doing again. One more time. But, like, imagine if it were twins! Oh my God. Or triplets? No, that would not happen. Does not run in our family.''

Hilaria is looking forward to the upcoming spooky holiday on October 31, which saw her and her brood dress up as the family in 'The Incredibles' for Halloween last year, she has hinted coordinating a fancy dress for an additional family member in the future could prove problematic.

The Yoga Vida co-founder said: ''Last year we did 'The Incredibles' and this year we have a whole new thing. I'm not going tell you what it is. But I am so excited about it.

''I'm very into letting kids express themselves through fashion.''