Hilaria Baldwin insists she and Alec Baldwin have a very normal relationship.

The brunette beauty, 30, claims they lead very ''simple'' lives even though her 56-year-old husband, who was arrested after he was caught riding his bicycle the wrong way down Fifth Avenue in New York City on Tuesday (13.05.14) before going ''ballistic'' at the two arresting female officers, is worth an estimated $65 million.

She told Elle magazine: ''Do people think we eat, like, gold cereal in the morning? We're really simple, simple, simple people. We grocery shop; we wash our own dishes. We do most of the things that most people do.''

Hilaria, who has an eight-month-old daughter, Carmen, with the former '30 Rock' star, even did her own laundry while they were on holiday in Hawaii recently.

She said: ''I hand-washed my clothes every single day, because that was easier than going to a Laundromat. I went to Kmart, and I got one of those dry-hanger things and hung my clothes and hung the baby's clothes. And babies make a lot of laundry, so my hands were pretty rough.''

The yoga instructor and Extra correspondent wants to expand their family soon, as her first labour was a ''magical'' experience and Alec was extremely supportive in the delivery room.

She added: ''He was so fantastic. He had one leg; the nurse had the other; the doctor was in the middle, ready to catch the baby. He was in charge of giving me oxygen and bringing my leg up and down. He was coaching me.

''You never know until that moment whether your partner is going to be a good partner or not. I didn't think he wouldn't be, but I was really surprised how he was.''