Hilaria Baldwin is fed up with people ''disrespecting'' her relationship with her stepdaughter Ireland Baldwin.

The 35-year-old star has explained why she wanted to publicly address her relationship with the 23-year-old model, who her husband Alec Baldwin has with his ex-wife Kim Basinger.

She told People magazine: ''That was super horrible. This woman said to me, 'You mean you have five children.' I wanted to be like, 'First of all ... I'm not sitting down at a desk Instagramming, I am doing it on the go. Sometimes I have multiple people in my arms or am getting a coffee and taking 5 minutes to myself. And you are nitpicking at my words.'

''Ireland, Alec and I always have such humour of how the outside world sees you. 'Cause we all have a great relationship, and we're always laughing when people say these things of, 'Oh, they forgot about her.' We just are like, 'Oh my God, if people only knew. Why are they wasting their time?' But then it gets to a point where I felt like, this woman who wrote it, she was disrespecting my stepchild and my relationship with my stepchild. And then I'm like, 'Okay, that's it.'''

In a candid social media post, Hilaria has spoken about the ''delicate matter'' of being a stepmother, as she praised Kim for being a ''good mother'' to the model.

She wrote: ''I rarely address being a stepmom, but it is part of our family. I always want to deal with it with such care ... so often you hear horror stories about evil stepparents and I wanted to make sure I did right by the family I was stepping into when I married Alec. I love my stepdaughter as much as I love my biological children and I become a mommy lioness when I see comments that insinuate otherwise.

''Having a stepchild is a delicate matter. Especially one who is grown. I think my relationship with her has been so successful because I never tried to step in as her mommy. She has a good mother, who I have tremendous respect for ... and I put myself in Kim's shoes: if my children ever had a stepmother, I'd want her to let me be number one. (sic)''