Hilaria Baldwin has reduced her work-outs since becoming pregnant.

The 28-year-old yoga instructor and her husband Alec Baldwin, 55, will welcome their first child into the world this summer, and the fitness fanatic has had to ease her exercise schedule to accommodate her changing body.

Hilaria said: ''My cardio has gone way down, I get out of breath walking down the street. And I can't do core work anymore.

Hilaria - who announced she was expecting a baby girl in March - teaches at Yoga Vida in Manhattan but claims she can no longer demonstrate moves due to her blossoming baby bump.

She said: ''When I teach I'll have a student demonstrate . I just feel much better when I exercise. If I can't get to a class I'll walk around the city or go for a light jog.''

Whilst Hilary is unwinding in preparation for her new arrival, her husband Alec has been busy working on the upcoming drama 'Blue Jasmine', and has seen his physique change in a different way.

She told Us Weekly magazine: ''Alec has been losing weight. We joke he is going down and I'm going up.''