High School Musical star Ashley Tisdale has a history of culinary experts in her family - her grandfather is the TV face of the Ginsu knife and her great grandfather came up with the plastic cheese grater.
The actress is also related to Ron 'Ronco' Popeil, the inventor behind the Showtime Rotisserie commercials in the U.S. and a host of other kitchen gadgets.
She admits her links to the latest kitchen tools and equipment has been very useful.
She tells WENN, "My grandfather is a promoter of the Ginsu knife. On that side of the family they are inventors. My great grandpa invented the plastic cheese grater and Ron Popeil is our cousin.
"My grandpa is the king of infomercials. I have the best sets of the products he promotes. I have the best kitchen utensils too. I have the set it and forget it rotisserie."
But Tisdale admits she can't actually use the culinary advances she owns: "There have been problems in that I actually don't cook! My grandpa said I need cooking lessons."