High School Musical hunk Corbin Bleu winces every time he sees one motorcycle stunt in his new movie FREESTYLE because if left his double with a shattered collarbone.
The teen idol plays an aspiring motocross star in the film, but wasn't allowed to perform any of his own stunts, so his double saddled up for jumps and crashes - and Bleu was horrified when the stuntman mistimed one jump and had to be taken to hospital.
He says, "It was the big stunt at the end of the film, where I end up hitting this barricade and rolling over the bike. The stunt double who did it hit and rolled over and broke his collarbone and the shot that you see in the film is the one where it happened.
"We used it and it was fantastic but horrible. But that's what these motocross guys do; when they get on their bike and take a fall they get right back on. They're crazy."
But the accident hasn't put the actor off his new love for biking: "I have become attached to the sport. I have a Kawasaki 250F bike now and I go riding all the time.
"I push it sometimes to the limit, but whenever I'm working on a project I take it easy a little bit. The second I'm not under contract I go for it, and I don't care! I like to go a little nuts on the bike."