All heiresses should serve prison sentences - just for being the idle rich, according to High Fidelity star John Cusack. The actor is among the celebrities who cannot feel sorry for Paris Hilton as she serves a second spell in jail for violating her probation following her 2006 drink-driving arrest - and he feels America would be a better place if all "old money" types were locked away for a short period of time. He says, "I think all heiresses with old money should be put in jail on general principal. "I'm an Irish-American, so I'm anti-royalist. I intrinsically don't trust the monarchy, so any heiress should have to put in mandatory prison time." Joking aside, Cusack is appalled by the amount of news the Hilton story is generating: "It's sad to me because it's taking up air time when habeas corpus is suspending but nobody's doing anything about it. You face your accuser and all your rights stem from that. "This administration is taking away habeas corpus and people are talking about Paris Hilton. That's America."