Review of Abandon Ship Single by Hey Negrita

Hey Negrita
Abandon Ship
Single Review

Hey Negrita Abandon Ship Single

After successfully reeling in a variety of folk, americana, blues and pop lovers with their charming and dusky debut album 'We Are Catfish', Hey Negita give us a neat glimpse of their current mindset with this single from their forthcoming, second full length foray 'The Buzz Above'. Now Felix's vocals take on a longing Mark Chadwick feel and 'Abandon Ship' comes across with a musically laidback Levellers feel. Also, the lyrical bemusement facilitates this vibe.

Pangs of regret strike a chord of woeful regret in 'Penny Drops', as the pull of the weaving acoustic guitar grips you to the spot. However, it is not all pondering reflection, 'Nine To Five' expands instrumentally and turns into an uplifting, bubbly pop song to help you shake of the shackles of the working day and life, for that matter. Hey Negrita possess the ability to empathise with its listeners and does it without a trace of patronization.

Rating 8/10

David Adair

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