Herve Announces New Album 'The Art Of Disappearing' Released On The 4th March 2013

Herve Announces New Album 'The Art Of Disappearing' Released On The 4th March 2013

Versatility has always been a healthy component of Joshua Harvey's musical output. First and foremost an artist and musician, Herv' has always released quality music regardless of genre. Returning with a markedly different approach in style and delivery on his next full-length album, Herv' releases 'The Art of Disappearing', via Cheap Thrills on 4th March 2013.

Turning the style of music that Herv' is best known for on its head, 'The Art of Disappearing' is an album to do just that; disappear within the richly haunting music.

The album is preceded by the epic lead single 'Save Me' featuring Austra on vocals who supports The XX on their US tour in early 2013. The track can be streamed via Soundcloud and is also available to buy digitally now. 'The Art Of Disappearing' removes the trademark Herv' club sounds, replacing them with delicate melodies, downtempo beats and some mesmerizing vocal performances from the likes of Maria Minerva, Niki & The Dove and Seasfire.

Showcasing a different side to the man behind the Herv' moniker, the blissful meandering melodies of 'Lose Control', the spacious, almost prog rock hip hop oddity that makes up 'Worry Crow', or the majestic, epic 'Mountains' all point to a producer clearly at ease with a diverse spectrum of musical styles and sounds.

The debut album 'Pick Me Up, Sort Me Out, Calm Me Down' released in 2012 was an accomplished full length, focusing on bass, melody, beats and groove and that trademark thunderous production, but gave a glimpse of the musical direction of things to come with tracks such as 'Glooming', 'Bike Ride in June' and 'Mirrors' ft Steve Mason.
'The Art Of Disappearing' is a leftfield and fresh follow-up, showcasing the versatility and dynamic ideas of an artist who is consistently pushing the boundaries - whether through his own music or that on his label Cheap Thrills - which is the precise reason Joshua Harvey has continued to be at the forefront of the ever-changing UK music scene for just as long as he has.