Punk poet-turned-actor Henry Rollins has turned down the chance to play the villain in the latest Silence Of The Lambs film - because the film won't top 1986's MANHUNTER.

The former Black Flag frontman is a huge fan of the original HANNIBAL LECTER movie, which starred WILLIAM PETERSON and Brian Cox and thinks another film in the franchise after Red Dragon would be sacrilege.

He says, "They're looking at me to be the bad guy in another Red Dragon. I went, 'Manhunter? What are you doing? It's already been done. Michael Mann did it. It's the bomb.'

"That movie is so kick ass. They said, `You're talking yourself out of a part.' I said, 'You're right.'

"Why do they need to make The Ring 2 or PSYCHO again?"

23/11/2004 21:14