US punk icon Henry Rollins owes his "radiant" new look to a recent swim in the Dead Sea during a trip to Israel. The former Black Flag star shot a TV special in Israel in January (07) for the new season of his hit talk show, The Henry Rollins Show - which begins in America tonight (13Apr07), and admits one of the highlights was going for a swim. He explains, "It was my first time I ever jumped into the Dead Sea. It's fascinating. It's so full of minerals and salt and salts that you actually kind of float on top of it. You cannot sink. "So, you're kind of lying on your back and you're just kind of above it somehow and, to taste the water, it's really strong and they had these showers, thankfully, as I hopped out of the sea after we did our shots. "I scrubbed myself as hard as I could to get that stuff off me and, by the end of the day, I'd still taste my skin and go, 'Wow, I'm still just baked in salt here.' "But look at my glowing skin now. I'm radiant all these weeks later."