US punk icon Henry Rollins has become an unlikely best friend of Star Trek star William Shatner and admits even he can't believe the match-up is for real. The former Black Flag frontman collaborated with Shatner when the actor recorded an album, Has Been, in 2004, and the odd couple became firm friends. Rollins reveals he's now a regular at Shatner's home for his weekly American football parties - even though he's not a big fan of the sport. The rocker says, "I've been to the Shatner house many times for dinner, for Super Bowl Sunday, for football games. I'm sure this coming September, when the season starts up again, I'll get the call from his assistant Chris: 'Mr. Shatner would like to see you at six bells. Can we be expecting you?' And I head up here. "He lives up the road from me, a few traffic lights and I go see Monday Night Football at his place. I don't watch football, but I like his friends. I'm a shy person. I don't really go out of my way to hang out but I like him and his wife... and I like all the food he lays out. "He's extraordinarily friendly, a very energised guy. He's like 74 and he's just doing stuff. He impresses me in that he's a guy who's really figured out what he likes. He loves his life. "He's got this big room with a big TV. It's built for you to be comfortable in. I love being in that room. It's pretty damn cool."