Rocker-turned-funnyman Henry Rollins was inspired to become a comedian after listening to Bill Cosby's routines - because he always kept his act clean.

While Rollins, who is also an author and actor, found inspiration in the work of late, foul-mouthed comic Lenny Bruce, it was Cosby who taught him that comedy didn't have to be peppered with bad language.

He says, "Cosby was huge to me as a kid. He was clean humour so there was no cussing, he was telling stories about the old neighbourhood, about all the kids.

"It was humour you could leave in your seven-year-old kid's room.

"He was wildly funny, and when you get a little older, you listen to those Cosby records all over again, and he's got timing."

21/02/2005 17:43