Henry Holland's Spring/Summer 2013 collection is ''grumpier than normal''.

The designer is embracing grungy aesthetics for his next collection, in contrast to his usually bright and bold outlook.

He told vogue.co.uk: ''The collection is a little bit grumpier than normal - not that I'm any grumpier than normal.''

''The colours are a bit deeper, darker, I thought I'd do my first black dress for Spring/Summer, though its not made it to the show.

Referring to a 1995 film about an independent record store in the US and a character by comedian Harry Enfield, famed for his garish outfits, backward baseball cap and attitude, he added: ''It's 90s grunge, 'Empire Records', reluctant grungy, Kevin the Teenager stage.''

While his outerwear is going a few shades darker, Henry has recently launched a range of glow-in-the-dark underwear.

He said: ''I wanted our first full underwear collection to be loud and proud. The neon adds a great flash of colour when worn to be seen with low-cut summer pieces, and it also glows in the dark - what more could you want?''