Henry Holland thinks people need to ''chill out'' about Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's VOGUE cover.

The British fashion designer doesn't understand the fuss over the reality star and her rapper fiancé covering the US fashion bible's April edition, and thinks Editor-in-Chief Anna Wintour made the right call by sticking to her guns and defending her controversial choice of cover stars.

He said in an interview with Yahoo! Lifestyle UK: ''Everyone needs to chill out. I don't see the big deal. I think it's fine. I thought Anna's Editor's Letter was really good as well. She addressed the rumour, saying, 'I didn't put her on the cover because people asked me to.'

''She stood by her decision. She was like, 'These people are on the cover because they deserve to be there.' They're driving popular culture around the world right now - and that is a good statement to make.''

The magazine's latest cover made waves the world over last month, with fans and even celebrities like Sarah Michelle Gellar threatening to cancel their subscription to the prestigious publication.

Henry also revealed he is a big fan of Britain's Duchess of Cambridge's sophisticated style and decision to recycle her old looks.

He explained: ''It feels like she wears a conscious decision to wear British designers and also to re-wear her stuff. I can't believe it's taken until 2014 for someone so high profile to re-wear their clothes and it be such a big deal.

''I think it's great. It's how people dress, in real life. I think that's why people love it - because she's a royal. She's normal - of course she's normal. She's got a job to do. She has a certain role.''

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