Henry Holland is launching his own ice-cream van selling limited edition clothing.

The British fashion designer transformed a traditional van into a touring pop-up shop to coincide with his e-commerce launch this Friday (02.07.13).

Henry is likely to make an appearance behind the steering wheel of the van - dubbed 'Mr Quiffy' after his famous hairdo - in an effort to conduct research for the brand's first stand-alone shop.

The 30-year-old designer said: ''I hope to learn who our customer really is, where she shops and how she shops - vital bits of info for us before we launch our actual flagship store.

''I think that the tongue-in-cheek humour behind the concept is right on brand for us and something that our customers will love getting involved in!''

The mobile boutique will appear in London's Covent Garden, Carnaby Street, Seven Dials and Spitalfields, before moving to Manchester, the designer's home town.

Since summer is in full swing, the designer hasn't ruled out making the travelling van a regular occurrence.

Holland continued: ''Who knows? I do keep searching ice cream vans online - if this is a runaway success then I'd love to be the first clothing brand with a fleet of ice cream vans!''