Movie great Henry Fonda's inadequacies as a father have helped turn his son PETER into a superdad to actress Bridget Fonda.

EASY RIDER star Peter suffered because his dad was so distant, but was determined to use the experience positively, as a blueprint for his own fathering.

He explains, "I decided early I'd be at all Bridget's graduations. It was difficult coming back for some of them because I had to charter planes when I was shooting abroad.

"Also, I made sure she knew that any time she needed me I would be there: 'I'll take care of you and help you any way I can.'

"Because I was an actor, I could be home six months between films, which made me home more than most of the other fathers. I was right there on that tennis court, and I was out there on a skateboard skating around and having fun and the kids.

"Bridget has said in interviews that it was like growing up with Peter Pan as your father. Fortunately for me my kids were really cool."

22/10/2003 09:05